July 12th setup, July 13th competition

Georgia National Fairgrounds

401 Larry Walker Parkway

Perry, GA. 31069

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What is Georgia Supertech?

Georgia Supertech is a competition that consists of a written test, and hands-on skills challenge for technicians in the transportation industry. The competition is modeled after the Technology Maintenance Councils Supertech, held at each Fall meeting. Stations are set up pertaining to specific parts of the truck or trailer, (i.e. Wheel end, Engine diagnostics, Tire analysis, Brakes, Preventative maintenance, etc.). Each station will be timed from 20-30 minutes allowing the technician to evaluate and diagnose the issues they have been presented with. Recommended Practices manuals, Original Equipment references, and tools are provided at each station. We give the contestants the same opportunities to reference and use the appropriate tools and information that would be available to them in their shops. This contest is not made to trick or deceive participants, but to challenge them to be better and to achieve more on a daily basis.

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Testing, Challenging, and Training Technicians in the Transportation Industry.